Kiril the pawn
Kiril The Pawn presents a typical article from

Scholar's Mate Canada's chess magazine for kids.

Taken from the December 1995 edition of Scholar's Mate. Reproduction by any means, mechanical or electronic, is forbidden except by permission of Scholar's Mate.

The following game was played between:

WHITE "The Snowman" and BLACK "Kiril the Pawn" -

When we set up the pieces, I noticed that the Snowman looked a little pale. I asked him if he was feeling all right. He was he said and then made his usual first move.

Board position after 2. ... d5 1. e2-e4 e7-e6

2. d2-d4 d7-d5

The French Defense

This was always one of my favorite ways to play black.

3. Nb1-c3 Ng8-f6

Both players are fighting for control of the e4 square.

4. Bc1-g5 Bf8-e7

5. e4-e5 Nf6-d7

6. Bg5xe7 Qd8xe7

By pushing his pawn to e5, the Snowman has closed the centre and gained spacefor his pieces. The best plan for me is to attack the white centre with my own pawns.

7. Qd1-d2 0-0

Now I'm ready to free myself with...c7-c5 and f7-f6.

8. Nc3-d1

Not a very pretty move. The idea is to answer 8...c7-c5 with 9.c2-c3 in order to keep a pawn on d4 if Black trades. Better is 8.f2-f4 and 9.Ng1-f3.

8. ..............f7-f6!

A bonus of this move is an open f-file for my rook.

9. e5xf6

Giving me a backward pawn on e6. But 9. f2-f4, keeping a pawn on e5 was best.

9. ..............Qe7xf6

10. Bf1-d3

Snowman wasn't playing as strongly as he usually did. He should have slowed down.....e7-e5 with 10. Ng1-f3. Instead he set me a trap. The bait is his d-pawn.

I didn't fall for 10.....Qf6xd4? That would lose my queen after 11. Bd3xh7ch! Kg8xh7 12. Qd2xd4. Ouch!

10. ..............e6-e5!

The threat is 11 ... e5-e4 taking the centre for myself.

11. d4xe5 Nd7xe5

What a change! The last white pawn vanishes from the centre. Now I have a lead in development in an open position. I never had such a good game against the Snowman before.
As I sat there waiting for his move, I thought I heard the ticking of a clock. But we weren't using one! Then I realized what was making the noise. It was the steady rythym of icicles dripping!

12. Ng1e2 c7-c5!

13. c2-c3

As the Snowman pushed his pawn, I saw how thin he looked. I knew then that something was very wrong. At that very same moment, I found the winning move.

13. ..............Bc8-h3!!

White can't take the bishop because of 14. ..............Ne5-f3ch! forking the king and queen.
I should have been so proud of this move. But I felt so strange when I played it.

14. 0-0 Bh3xg2!

I could feel the end was near. The sacrifice brings the white king out into the open.

Board position at the end15. Kg1xg2 Qf6-f3ch

I guess the Snowman must have felt that way too. He looked up and smiled at me. "My position is hopeless, Kiril. I see how things are going to go. I resign."


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